We now have a t-shirt design!

We now have a design for t-shirts! If you would like to purchase one, please fill out the order form. Forms should be addressed to Green Bay Shoe Closet and mailed to Green Bay East High School at 1415 East Walnut Street with appropriate payment— they cost $12, more for very large sizes or if you want it mailed to you. We will get the t-shirts to you in late May or early June. Forms can be found and printed below:

The Corporate Relay For Underserved Athletes

Joel and Peter Kiernan presented at the Bellin Run Corporate Challenge Kickoff to announce the start of the Corporate Relay for Underserved Athletes. Through the Corporate Relay, corporations participating in the Bellin Corporate Challenge have an opportunity to work together to support the Green Bay Shoe Closet while competing against each other for who can fund the most shoes. If your corporation is part of the Bellin Run Corporate Challenge, visit this page to learn more about the Corporate Relay. The Corporate Relay for Underserved Athletes is one of many ways a corporation can help the Green Bay Shoe Closet. Visit our “Corporate Support” page to see how your corporation can help the Green Bay Shoe Closet, even if it’s not participating in the Corporate Relay for Underserved Athletes.

News reports on the Corporate Relay can be found below: