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A certificate to commemorate your donation to the Green Bay Shoe Closet! Donate in a family member’s honor to make a difference in their name, or as a non-materialistic family present; donate in your own name as a reminder of the impact you make in the world. Any way works!

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Do you have a family member that prefers non-materialistic gifts? Or maybe you just want to put some holiday spirit back into the holidays? In any case, the Green Bay Shoe Closet has the perfect event for you. If you donate this holiday season, you will receive a certificate as an elegant reminder of your impact in the world.

100% of all donations go towards our mission of empowering economically disadvantaged student athletes by providing them with proper running shoes. These shoes, which these students would otherwise be unable to buy, prevent injury and enable them to stay a part of the vital sport of running.

Donate in a family member’s honor as a unique Christmas gift, or donate in your own name to spread holiday cheer!

Shoe Certificates feature the amount of running you have supported with your donation. The Green Bay Shoe Closet can purchase $130 running shoes for $50, which last about 250 miles. Every dollar you donate enables a student below the poverty line to run 5 miles injury free!

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